The Next Generation of production planning and scheduling tool for Industry 4.0

Built for the manufacturing industry. We help companies to keep sales orders on time, keep stocks at best level and  simulate different scenarios to respond inquiries faster


Fully Implemented in just 4 weeks

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Many Manufacturing Segments

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Plastic Extrusion
Helps to schedule coils, allocate material to production order and synchronize operations. Minimize setup time. It also helps to schedule printing and finish process.
We can help to group orders to minimize setup times, select machines and synchronize extrusion, printing and finish process
Steel and Metal
Decide when to start the processes, avoiding bottlenecks. Allocate coils that best suit sales orders, sequence aiming at better line productivity
Food and Beverages
Decides what to produce to keep inventory at a good level point. Reduces costs, setups, and unnecessary inventories.
Plan according to the phase. Reserve machines and labor observing their capacity and location
Auto Parts and White Goods
Sequence to not to delay delivery, minimizing setups, and occupying better the workforce.

LetĀ“s see how it works

Sales can respond fast and we keep them be up-to-date about any problem

New Orders
See predicted end time

Information To Negociate
Have all information in hands before any negotiation


Receive alerts when an order is affected or it is ready to dispatch

Production receives a better plan and can organize production better

Line up

Release orders to production, check where it is and the predicted start time or end time


Check if order is late or waiting purchase orders or another production order

Planning and Scheduling are fast and more accurate

Automatic ScheduleĀ 

Optimize production schedube by one-click.

Drag and drop orders and see what will happens


Apply different strategies, analyze KPIs and select the best alternative.

Dashboards and Reports that counts

View the programming result in a managerial or report format. Share them automatically with your team

Get control of your production. Get answer much faster

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