Production Scheduling

The Next Generation of APS for Industry 4.0

The first APS with MPS, MRP, and Scheduling on Cloud. Let´s deliver orders on time

APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling

Many Manufacturing Segments

Has already been used in many segments. It  helps companies to schedule production, minimize lateness, improve productivity, and eliminate unnecessary setups

Plastic Extrusion

Helps users to allocate coils to orders. It can also calculate the total production effort based on thickness and other machine characteristics

Plastic Molding

Handles tools and their characteristics like the number of different parts per tool, and production cycle. It also minimizes setups based on color and tool

Food and Beverages

Decides what to produce to keep inventory at a good level point. Reduces costs, setups, and unnecessary inventories.

Steel and Metal

Helps users to allocate material, like a coil in the stock, in an order. It also schedules production avoiding bottlenecks and complex setups. It improves productivity, and helps to deliver on time


Plans according to the phase. Reserve machines and labor observing their capacity and location

Auto Parts and White Goods

Sequences not to delay delivery, synchroning operations for final assembly, and keep production on time

We integrate teams anywhere, anytime

Let´s see how our APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling works

Sales can respond fast and we keep them be up-to-date about any problem

New Order

See predicted end time

Information To Negociate

Have all information in hands before any negotiation


Receive alerts when an order is affected or it is ready to dispatch

APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling

Production receives a better plan and can organize production better

Line up

Release orders to production, check where it is and the predicted start time or end time


Check if order is late or waiting purchase orders or another production order

APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling

Planning and Scheduling are fast and more accurate

Automatic Schedule

Optimize production schedube by one-click.


Drag and drop orders and see what will happens


Apply different strategies, analyze KPIs and select the best alternative.

APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling


APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling

APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling

Is it hard to know what to produce first or what is already late?

Imagine that you can schedule all Work Orders in seconds with a click of a button. Do it considering machine, labor, and tool capacity in detail. Also, create scenarios and explore opportunities to reduce machine setup, and workforce use, without producing delays.


Quick responses transform the company. You gain the agility to respond better, improving information to negotiate. It also has a deep impact on many KPIs like Costs, Delays, WIP, Setups, and Resource Usage


Never have false expectations about the delivery dates for your sales orders. If something happens, be notified immediately. Also, create different sales scenarios and analyze them realistically

We provide additional services that will help your Business

Being faster and more agile improves your competitiveness and customer relationship by a smart production scheduling. It also decreases cost and requires less workforce


Give information anywhere, anytime for whom need it. It does not matter if it is on Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, or Smart TV


Do in seconds what you spend hours on. Eliminate spreadsheets and time to keep it up-to-date


Integrate Sales, Production, and Purchase with Planning and Scheduling. Share information online. No more e-mails and disrupting calls

Simulate Different Scenarios

Analyze the impact or urgency calls, as well as machine breakdowns, new orders, or even new scenarios with overtime or labor limitations

Production Visibility

See easily issues on production scheduling, like lateness, load excess, or lack of orders. Analyze it in detail, doing it for each machine, labor, or tool, as well as customer or material

Better Customer Relationship

Anticipate problems, negotiate realistic deadlines, keep production under control

You can see our Clients Feedback

We help companies in different aspects, see some of them

Prior to APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling, the PO listing had to be manually maintained whenever coils were applied, coils arrived, coils were held, new purchase orders were booked, or soft holds were placed against the purchase orders. It is now immediately available, up to date, whenever I load the tab. The risk of error has been greatly reduced.
Jeremey Wynn
Production Planner at Steel Dynamics, Inc
Terre Haute, IN, USA
We have achieved numerous benefits, but the most significant were related to financial results, agility and the relationship with our customers. The return was very fast and the team that helped us deploy was the key to success
Aroldo Notti
IT Director at AGPGlass
Curitiba, PR, Brazil