Production Dashboards

See the predicted lateness, machine usage, and opportunities. Send information immediately to top managers and also for Sales, Purchase, Production, and any other team that requires this.

Production Dashboards and Reports

Many Production Dashboards

Plot Chart, analyze results, and print or share production dashboards

Production Dashboard
Production Dashboards and Reports
Production Dashboards and Reports
Production Dashboards and Reports

Free Store

Download from our store many production dashboards and reports.They are all free to download and modify

Develop a new One

Develop it by yourself using SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Share them with your team. Control access and avoid emails and calls

Compare Scenarios

for a better choice

Create multiple sales or production scenarios. Compare machine usage, delays generated, amount of machine setup, labor requirements, as well as financial indicators. Do it fast, detailed, and error-free.

Cloud APS
Cloud APS

Coortex is in line with new technologies. This means



Dedicated support

Simplified integration


System always improving