Manufacturing System

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Production Dashboards and Reports

Partner Benefits to Partner With Coortex

Join our growing network of partners to help customers to be more agile

Boost your earning

if you have service or manufacturing system, increase the value of your services. We guarantee support for your team


We share our leads with our partners

Custom White labelling

If you are already a company that develops products such as ERP or MES, join our partnership program. We can deliver a solution with your label

Faster customer success

Unlock your customers' processes. Introduce Industry 4.0 solutions and improve the use of ERPs and MES.

Training and world-class support

Our team of experts can help train you to deploy and support your customers


A manufacturing system can be very complex. But, If you are a partner with Coortex, you can interact with partners all around the world. You can complement solutions and services, as well as get network support

Hard to know what is late?

This information could be get by one click. Fast, detailed and precise


Data always Protected and replicated in different continents


Accessible anywhere Place, with PC, Tablet, TV or smartphone

Dedicated support.

Proactive analysis of issues and performance

Cloud APS

Coortex is aligning with new technologies. This means



Dedicated support

Simplified integration


System always improving