Cloud APS

Integrate Your Systems

Plug into your existing

Integrate with ERP, MES, BI, E-Mail or any other system

Common Integrations

Materials, Job-Steps, Bill of Materials, Inventory, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders are the main integrations



Design your own integration

APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling

Coortex API

Easy to read API documentation to push-an-pull data among systems. Creates a seamless automated workflow

On Premise Integration

Integrate your on-premise system with Coortex. Pull-and-push data to increase automation between systems and increase productivity

Integration Monitoring

Coortex provides full-service integration between systems with a dedicated account manager. Integration management included

Cloud Integration

Connect Coortex with existing cloud software

Many Formats

IIt handles information in multiple formats like JSON, CSV, TXT, or XML

Custom API

Create your own API to integrate with your systems

Take control of your production.

Get much faster response


Cloud APS

Coortex is in line with new technologies. This means



Dedicated support

Simplified integration


System always improving