Gantt for production -Everything you need

How it works

APS-Advanced Production and Scheduling

All in One

Create work orders and schedule production. Then analyze it using our intuitive Gantt. If everything is correct, share information by reports and dashboards


Update Info

Retrieve information from ERP, MES or even Sales Portals. Respond fast using our Cloud APS

Create Orders

Create production orders and list all material request. Do it automatically.

Schedule Orders

Schedule orders, considering machine, tools and workforce capacity. Take care of demands and setups reduction. Do not spend time scheduling orders on spreadsheets.

Create Scenarios

Simulate different scenarios. Analyze and take decision faster and with no error.


Share information among Sales, Purchase and Production, as well as, customers ortop managers. Give everything they need


Keep production under control by receiving alerts when something happens. Solve problems when they arise

Get control of your production. Get answer much faster and share it using our Gantt Diagram

You can get everything you need fast.

Is it hard to know what to produce first and what is already late?

Imagine that you can schedule all Work Orders in seconds with a click of a button. We can do this considering machine, tool, labor capacity, and setup reduction. But, we also do it trying to avoid delays with our Cloud APS.


Data always Protected and replicated in different continents


Accessible anywhere Place, with PC, Tablet, TV or smartphone

Dedicated support

Proactive analysis of problems and performance

Cloud APS

Coortex is aligning with new technologies. This means



Dedicated support

Simplified integration


System always improving