About Coortex Technologies

We are an Indtech with a team of experienced engineers that are developing a  revolutionary new generation of planning and scheduling tools for manufacturing. We are sure the future is on the Industry 4.0 and Cloud

Cloud APS

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Our Team

We are the first company in the world to develop a production planning and scheduling system completely in the cloud

Production, Business and IT Expertise

Our team of engineers has years of experience in plant planning and operation. We also have a development team that is a leader in creating complex cloud applications

Continuous Improving

We bring development agility and feedback from our customers to the development of improvements on an ongoing basis. We are always listening to our customers

Delivering Fast

We have a procedure to deliver our solution faster than it could be possible in the past. The answer is technology and expertise

Cloud APS

Cloud system for Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Get control of your production. Get answer faster
Cloud APS
Cloud APS

Cloud APS

Coortex is in line with new technologies. This means



Dedicated support

Simplified integration


System always improving